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Focused on a consolidated growth strategy, EDIVALOR SA assumes value as its main commitment and structure its activity in 3 main axes: Construction Quality; Compliance with Deadlines and Rigor.

The Board of EDIVALOR, SA, which the company's founders are part of, understands that the most important asset of the organization is human resources and, consequently, has planned an ambitious model for training new skills, oriented towards continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, both public and private.

The trust deposited daily by our customers is one of the most interesting challenges, as it motivates the systematic assessment of their expectations and satisfaction tailored to the needs of each one, representing the vector role of EDIVALOR's mission.

Everyone's motivation, today and forever, comes from the desire to do better and better. We work to be a quality reference and an example in terms of construction. It is through the dream that the work was born and THROUGH THE ART OF BUILDING that EDIVALOR, SA's vision of the future is based.

The Administration,

António Peixoto         Vitor Madureira