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Policy on Quality, Environment, Safety and Health at Work

The Management of Edivalor S.A. recognizes the Quality, Environment and Safety and Health at Work Management System as a way of achieving sustainable development, assuming the following as the guiding principles of its activity:

  • Compliance of manufactured products, works carried out, environmental aspects and associated risks, in view of the requirements agreed with the Customers, the normative provisions, applicable requirements and others that the organization subscribes to;
  • Respect for the General Principles of Prevention in the different approaches in the project cycles;
  • Implementation of standards and procedures that allow for the modeling of the conduct of action, meeting the requirements of Quality, Environment, Safety and Health, in the construction processes and other activities carried out;
  • Valuing employees, providing stability and adequate training for the performance of their duties;
  • Advice to Customers in terms of solving problems, presenting, if necessary, alternatives;
  • Adequate waste management, promoting the application of the 3R's rule: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle;
  • Rationalization of the use of non-renewable resources;
  • Protection and safeguarding of the safety and health of Employees, preventing potential damage resulting from the activities carried out;
  • Encouraging Employees to ensure their own safety and that of their colleagues and third parties who may be affected by their actions;
  • Continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, Environment, Safety and Health at Work.

These principles are based on the great purpose of better serving customers, meeting their needs, requirements and expectations, while simultaneously improving the organization's Environmental, Health and Safety performance.